Av-gas      10.50/gal
Jet-A-50     9.50/gal

   3033.1 gal Av-gas
   4805.0 gal Jet A

Here is a listing of flight venues:

Everts Air Alaska  1-907-450-2351  Reservations for Caravan Fai-Vik

70 North 1-907-659-2544  Charter Services North Slope

Wrights Air 907-474-0502 Charter Services Fai-Scc-Vik & Flightseeing

Av Gas    10.50 per gallon

Jet-A-50    9.50 per gallon

Runway length 5500 ft
Runway width    150 ft

Air to Ground Radio is on    122.9

West End Runway : 69/ 40.69 min North

  by 146/ 55.10 mins West

  Runway 8  Bearing 80 degrees

East End Runway : 69/ 40.57 mins North

  by 146/ 53.37 mins West

  Runway 26 Bearing 260 degrees

  Kavik NW Cam

Kavik East Cam

Kavik Condition:   Overcast / F-R
Repairs will be performed on runway this summer. Watch for Heavy Equipment on runway

Ceiling: 700 ft  broken/ 1500 scattered  poss Fog

Wind speed/direction:  10 mph N

Visibility: 8 miles W 10 miles E &S 

Temp 38 F

Date/Time of Report: 2:13 pm 6-25-2016

Top pic Winter Pad
Middle pic  Record Temp at Kavik 06/20/2013
Bottom pic Summer visitors!


Conditions and getting here
69.4N x 146.54W
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