Camp Fuel Prices 

Av-gas      12.00/gal
Jet-A-50   10.00/gal

   4125.1 gal Av-gas
   2187.0 gal Jet A /5

Here is a listing of flight venues:

Everts Air Alaska   Caravan Fai-RK1 
Passenger Reservations 907-450-2351

Wrights Air  Fai/Scc-RK1
Charter Desk: (907) 474-0542

Av Gas    12.00 per gallon

Jet-A-50  10.00 per gallon

Skis advised
Runway not maintained / heavy drifting
Ambient weather and webcam links will be down or inactive until spring   

 Runway length 5500 ft 
 Runway width    150 ft 

 Air to Ground Radio is on    122.9

 West End Runway : 69/ 40.69 min North

   by 146/ 55.10 mins West

   Runway 8  Bearing 80 degrees 

 East End Runway : 69/ 40.57 mins North

   by 146/ 53.37 mins West

   Runway 26 Bearing 260 degrees


  Kavik NW Cam

 Kavik East Cam

 Kavik Conditions:  Clear

 Ceiling:   open

 Wind speed/direction   8mph  SE

 Visibility:  10 miles         

 Temp  - 24 F 

 Date/Time of Report:  10:44 am 1-11-2020

Top pic  "Baby"  
Middle pic  Polar bears find a "different" whale!
Bottom pic  sunset at Kavik


Conditions and getting here
69.4N x 146.54W