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69.4 N x 146.54W
Kavik is open year-round to the public, runway dry and clear May thru September.. Susan lives here year round, but it is best  in the winter months to have prior notification.

Kavik Rates are:

$350.00 per person per night including food/showers

  Availibility is limited on the fly~stay offerings so please call early.  Weight is limited to 70lb per person in gear. 4 people per plane unless prior arrangements have been agreed during hunting season. 7 people and light gear during Birdwatching.

Showers, laundry, incinerator are all 25.00 per usage

Want the Camp all to yourself? This too can be done with prior arrangements and yes.. may cost you your firstborn. 

Four wheelers will no longer be avaiable to rent.

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