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69.4 N x 146.54W

404-857-4707 mssg
 Kavik is open year-round to the public, runway dry and clear June thru September.. Susan lives here year round, but winter months to have prior approval.

Kavik Rates 2019 are:

$350.00 per person per night all inclusive . Wifi is available to guests with restrictions. (no streaming movies...)  

Hours of Operation for Dining Hall is 8am to 10pm. Items can be purchased from DH attendant if needed. 

Showers, incinerator etc can also  be purchased separately if needed for campers and weary travelers. 

Camp Phones are message phones only. No exceptions and I am not your Secretary.

Want the Camp all to yourself? This too can be done with prior arrangements and yes.. may cost you your firstborn.  

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