69.4N x 146.54W
 Kavik River Camp is NOT a guide service. The experience here is limited to guest services. You can launch a very successful self-guided hunt from here.  

 What does self-guided mean? 

 As a hunter you must have all licences and tags pertinent to your hunt PRIOR to your arrival. I do not sell these items at Camp, nor do I plan to start doing so. PLEASE remember it is your right and responsibility to find out the tags, licences and bag limits. The State of Alaska Fish and Game site is set up to allow you do obtain these items easily online.  This is Hunting, not shopping. I do not give nor imply any guarantees in hunting. You have an OPPORTUNITY to hunt out of Kavik Camp... not a guarantee that you will be successful. Most are very successful but seldom achieve that success drinking coffee in the Dining Hall..... get out there and get er done!! 

 Caring and transport of meat and trophy is YOUR responsibility. Bring the means to care for your bounty with you, or call me to help arrange those items to be here for your arrival for a nominal fee. For the guests at Kavik, there is a place to hang and process your bounty. For campers these same services will be available at a nominal fee , determined also by space availability. 

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