Kavik River Camp is a one of a kind camp located just a few miles from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Camp offers logistical support for all your Arctic needs. Camp, hunt, fish, bird viewing... just about anything you can think of, we are here to help see your Arctic Dreams realized! 

 Film crews and photographers have a one in a million location ripe with wildlife and an unheard of proximity to the Refuge. Check for camp availability and logistical support specific to your film needs. 

 Kavik River Camp has wifi capability for its clients, provided by Nia Sat, and all services you would expect to find in a big city... however the closest big city is Fairbanks almost 500 miles South. The closest road is 80 miles West. We have a 1.25 mile long runway and house Av-gas and Jet fuel for resale. If you are looking to experience the Arctic but still want services.. Kavik is the place to be!
 The Camp is here to provide services to those who need and want them while they visit the High Arctic, and caters to it's clientele and the needs of the planes and Helos requiring fuel and services. 

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Susan Aikens

Susan Aikens: 
Owner Camp
Lil Bawb:
rather small sidekick


69.4N x 146.54W
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Susan Aikens/Kavik River Camp
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